Dan Efran as a LEGO MinifigHi! I’m Dan Efran. I’m a game designer, software engineer, illustrator…amateur photographer, prizewinning LEGO sculptor…The Man of 1000 Hobbies, I sometimes say.

Overall, what I enjoy is using modern technology to add smiles to your life. (Yes, you.)

That’s what this site is all about. Cloudsourcing lets me sell you giant chessboards and such, without filling my basement with weird inventory. All my free computer games are easy to find from here. Et cetera.

So browse around, enjoy the free stuff, maybe buy something or leave a tip. Sign up for my New Product Newsletter to be informed when I add new products or freebies. In any case, thanks for visiting!

(Disclaimer: I’m not actually a LEGO Minifig, I don’t actually have a Classic Space windbreaker, and The LEGO Group has no affiliation whatsoever with this site.)