…in plain English. I won’t fill this page with legalese unless I have to.

• My primary goal for dan-efran.com is to add smiles to your life. I prefer my customers to be not just satisfied, but delighted. My print-on-demand products (such as T-shirts) are covered by CafePress’s 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

• I cloudsource payment processing to PayPal, CafePress, etc., so your payment information is subject to their policies more than mine. For example, if you buy online, I don’t have access to your credit card number.

• I hate spam! I will never buy, sell, or trade your personal information. My product announcement newsletter is strictly opt-in, and will never flood your inbox with hourly reminders to buy gifts for Flag Day, Flagpole Day, Flagpole Halyard Day….

(Please note that partners such as CafePress may ask you to join their own mailing lists, which are completely separate from my product announcement newsletter, and beyond my control. I can’t promise they won’t send you email on Flagpole Day!)

• I work hard to create original designs you’ll love. They’re all copyrighted. Play nice.