Dan Efran’s Computer Games

Dan Efran as a LEGO MinifigHi! I’m Dan Efran.

I’ve written a few computer games, mostly short adventures. You can play them for free, online, right now!


CAN'T STOP THE HYPE TRAINCAN’T STOP THE HYPE TRAIN is an action-puzzle game implemented in just 1024 bytes of JavaScript, created for JS1k 2015.

Click to switch which train is faster. Don’t let them collide!



Ka - cover artKa is an old-school text adventure.

For a Pharaoh, death is only the beginning….

My entry in’s Casual Gameplay Design Competition #7.

Play Ka (at CGDC7)


The Sand Boxes - cover artThe Sand Boxes is a Flash point-and-click adventure.

These puzzle boxes are unusually sophisticated for Inca artifacts….

My entry in’s Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8.

Play The Sand Boxes (at CGDC8)


Hall of Heads - cover artHall of Heads is interactive fiction based on a They Might Be Giants song.

Please don’t try to leave…

My “track” of Apollo 18+20, an Interactive Fiction “tribute album” homage to They Might Be Giants’ delightfully surreal Apollo 18.

Play Hall of Heads (at Apollo 18+20)

Particle-antiparticle interactions, but no player interactions!

A particle’s eye view of a particle accelerator.

Hadron the Uniter is a no-button Flash game created for the Ludum Dare 26 Game Jam (with the theme of “Minimalism”).

Watch out for those negatrons!

You are a mysterious field that can attract subatomic particles together in small groups, thereby synthesizing atoms of various elements. Making Hydrogen one atom at a time isn’t too hard, but there’s so much antimatter about, even Helium is a challenge. Can you capture the components of a Lithium atom? Beryllium? Something even more complex? (Probably not, because the game balance isn’t that great: there really is too much antimatter. Li, at least, is achievable.)

Play Hadron the Uniter