Hall of the Mountain King

A work in progress, for Ludum Dare 31. With luck there will be a game here in a few days. Meanwhile, there will probably be alpha builds, updated from time to time over the weekend. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Nope, I just didn’t have time to finish a game that weekend. I hadn’t been planning to do a Ludum Dare, which is a huge time commitment when done properly. I just noticed it was going on when I felt like writing some code, so I took a casual stab at it. I got pretty far, as seen below..

I’ve made more progress since then. I like how this project is going and I’m continuing to work on it in my spare time, but not with a particular deadline in mind.

Saturday, 11:30 pm. The first¬†interesting version isn’t a game yet, just a very basic test of HTML5 canvas animation…frame-rate-independent particles and mouse response. Click for fireworks. Whee!

Monday, 5:20 pm. Still not a game, but now it looks like a game! Arrow keys to move around for no reason. Monster chases you for no reason, repeatedly. But this is kind of what I want this game to look like….