Escher’s Relativity in Graph Paper

Last entry, I mentioned that I once contemplated building a Linka model of M. C. Escher’s Relativity. I never actually did that, but I did put together a neat study model of the scene, out of folded graph paper (and a bit of cardboard for support). I’ve posted a picture of it on my sculptures page:

Dan Efran's graph paper study model of Escher's print Relativity.

If you’re modeling this scene yourself, this picture could be a useful reference. It’s pretty accurate, though perhaps not exact. (There’s room for disagreement on some staircase widths, for instance.)

Escher’s Relativity in LEGO

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this faithful reproduction in LEGO of my favorite Escher print.

I’m glad those guys made that: now I don’t have to. (I started planning a model of Relativity years ago, but never started building it. It’s a tempting subject because it’s recognizably Escher but isn’t actually physically impossible to build; furthermore Escher pretty obviously designed it using a sort of 3-D grid, so it translates well to LEGO or similar systems. I was going to use Linka, which I still think would suit the subject perfectly.)