After writing a one-button train game in 1024 bytes of JavaScript for JS1k 2015, I was itching to do some more game development utilizing JavaScript and the HTML5 canvas.

(These days, JavaScript+HTML5 is a surprisingly powerful combination for game development, at least in terms of prototyping concepts. I’m sure it has limits in production, but being able to mess with just a few text files and reload with no compile cycle is quite refreshing after programming in your favorite language that isn’t like that.)

Then I happened to check the Ludum Dare site. Sure enough, Mini Ludum Dare #58 had just begun, and the theme was PONG.

Perfect! I wanted to experiment with some techniques that are perfectly suited to a PONG variant. A real Ludum Dare Compo is a grueling weekend, but a Mini burns longer and cooler…they’re for practice, basically.

So yeah, I’m in. Let’s have some PONG!

I cooked up a preliminary beta version: just a screensaver with no user input, but it illustrates the look of the game I hope to cook up over the next few days. Enjoy!


…is the name of my latest game. It’s a little action-puzzle game implemented in just 1024 bytes of JavaScript code.



That’s not a lot of code. This is my entry in JS1k 2015: The JS1k hype train is real!, a JavaScript code golfing competition. The challenge is to create a demo (as in “demoscene”…basically like a screen-saver) in just 1k of JavaScript or less. I figured that was just enough to make a complete game. Yep.

So go play my game, and check out the rest of the entries too.

Ludum Dare 31 Postmortem

Back in December, I made a half-hearted attempt to create a game for the Ludum Dare 31 competition. I hadn’t been planning to do a Ludum Dare, which is a huge time commitment when done properly. I just noticed it was going on when I felt like writing some code, so I took a casual stab at it. I made some progress on a pure JavaScript game engine, and defined an interesting look for a game, but I didn’t really have time to make it a playable game.

I do like what I came up with, and I’ve continued to work on it in my spare time. I’ll post about it again eventually.