Escher’s Relativity in Graph Paper

Last entry, I mentioned that I once contemplated building a Linka model of M. C. Escher’s Relativity. I never actually did that, but I did put together a neat study model of the scene, out of folded graph paper (and a bit of cardboard for support). I’ve posted a picture of it on my sculptures page:

Dan Efran's graph paper study model of Escher's print Relativity.

If you’re modeling this scene yourself, this picture could be a useful reference. It’s pretty accurate, though perhaps not exact. (There’s room for disagreement on some staircase widths, for instance.)

Hello Earth!

Greetings and welcome! I’m Dan Efran, and this is my blog.

I resisted for a long time, but let’s face it: I want to make my opinions available to the world, along with hyperlinks to cool stuff I see online.

That spells BLOG, and since this narcissistic practice is actually fashionable, I might as well get started!

I’ll be writing about anything I feel like writing about, but you can expect to see a lot about “hobbycraft”, or people building cool stuff for fun.

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