A Cave for a Cave

My entry in this year’s LEGO competition at S.W. Randall Toyes & Gifts won Third Prize in the adult division!

Predictably, the First and Second Place winners were models of local landmarks. Those are always popular. (These were nicely done: they didn’t win just because of the local angle. For that matter, I put a local spin of sorts on mine, too…though more tangentially.)

What was particularly cool about coming in third this year, though, was the prize: my entry was The Batcave (circa 1929), and third prize was Set 6860: The Batcave! Perfectly appropriate!

My old-timey Batcave was based on the idea that, after all, Bruce Wayne is insane. He’s an obsessed vigilante who hangs out in a cave. With bats.

Bruce Wayne broods in my LEGO Batcave.

Therefore…why would he care if his cave doesn’t have a floor? I envisioned an upside-down office, clinging bat-like to the roof of a vast bottomless cavern beneath Wayne Manor.

A top view of my LEGO Batcave, showing its bottomlessness.

He doesn’t need to lock his file cabinet: Batman’s about the only guy Ninja enough to reach it. (It’s on a swivel arm…but he’s got the only key to the controls.)

The hard-to-reach filing cabinet in my LEGO Batcave.

Anyway, I had a great time in the contest again this year! (If you voted for me, thanks!)

…apparently my model was even on TV! The contest got a fair amount of publicity from the local media this year, and here’s a clip (seen here on YouTube) from a TV news broadcast:

My entry is featured around 1:10 – 1:13. They got a beautiful close-up of brooding Bruce Wayne, expertly framing one of the model’s best angles. Woot! (And a good view of my Batmobile around 1:42 – 1:45.)

To commemorate my Third Place-ing, I built myself a little trophy using (mostly) parts from my prize:

A LEGO trophy made with Batcave parts.

While I was at it, I built myself a trophy for last year too, utilizing more new parts from set 6860:

A LEGO Trophy with a crystal cave theme.

It’s LEGO time again in Squirrel Hill

The Squirrel Hill location of S.W.Randall Toyes & Gifts is holding its annual LEGO design competition. In the adult division my entry is up against some other really cool models. Nicholas entered as well, in an even more hotly contested age group.

I won’t ask you to vote for our entries specifically, but please do stop by the store and vote for your favorites.
Voting is open only until the end of June. (I’ll post pictures sometime after voting closes.)